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Atlanta rapper Young Thug is making headlines again, but this time he really didn’t do anything. 

Reports have thrust one of his family members into the criminal spotlight after authorities revealed he is a suspect in the horrific killing-death of a young woman from East Point.

The YSL label co-founder’s nephew Fardereen Deonta Grier has been arrested for allegedly shooting his girlfriend, Destiny Fitzpatrick, in the face on Wednesday, July 6th.

A spokesperson from the East Point Police Department, Allyn Glover, revealed that when law enforcement arrived at the residence, Grier was sobbing, and Fitzpatrick was lying in a pool of blood near the home’s entrance door.

According to the EPD rep, Grier shared that his uncle was the famous, embattled rapper, Young Thug — a chart-topper currently indicted on RICO charges with 27 other people. 

His mother is the rapper’s oldest sister. has reported on the progression of Thug’s case, including a judge’s recent decision to prohibit the defense lawyers from sharing witness information, after some have said they and their families have been intimidated by the defendants or their associates.

In addition to sharing that he was related to the “Hot” radio staple, Grier explained to those on the scene that two masked intruders were in their house and had guns.

Later he admitted to shooting the young woman. 

This may have been a reluctant confession after a neighbor came forth and said he heard arguing in the home before the shooting happened.

Officers arrested Grier and charged him with murder.

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