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Ying Yang Twins group member, D-Roc thanked everyone who checked on him after he collapsed on stage during a Missouri concert headlined by Vanilla Ice.


Just 30 minutes into their set, Ying Yang Twins group member D-Roc had to be carried off stage by security. 

He collapsed on stage in Springfield, MO, during the performance at the Ozark Empire Fair this past Friday. It was only 84 degrees outside, but D-Roc felt the temperature rise on stage and became dehydrated.

In the video, two men are seen carrying him off the stage, one by his arms and the other by his legs. It appears they were in the middle of performing their 2004 song “Halftime.”

After getting some rest, the group successfully performed the next day in Miami.

However, D-Roc has posted a video on Instagram where he says he is doing just fine. 

“Thank you to everyone that has called, messaged, or reached out in anyway to check up on me,” said  D-Roc on the The Ying Yang Twins’ official Instagram page.

“I’m doing good. #Ontario CA we’ll be seeing you on Saturday for the 00s Playlist Concert. -DRoc.”

In other Ying Yang news, back in 2020, the other half of the rap duo, Kaine, said today’s rappers need to write their rhymes down.

In an interview, the Southern rap veteran says song quality would be better if new artists would put the time and effort into their craft.

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