YG’s New Album Cover Sparks Questions Of Glorified Toxic Relationships Within The Hip-Hop Community

With the release of his new single, YG has social media questioning if being toxic is the new normal.


To promote the release of his new single Toxic, YG took to social media to grace fans with the cover art. 

In the photo, the West Coast rapper is kissing the pregnant belly of vixen Brittany Renner, who is currently partnering with Zeus Network to release the new drama-filled reality show: Baby Mamas of Los Angeles. 

Throughout the music video, YG is all smiles and happy with a woman who is not Renner. 

She is later revealed as the rapper’s side chick. In the song, the LA rapper explains the dysfunctional relationship dynamic by rapping:

 “I said I love her, then I point out things that I brought. You knew from the gate I had family I won’t shake. So stop bein’ fake.”

Some fans love the relatable track, while others are not feeling the new wave of glorified toxicity.  

One fan wrote: 

“Nothing beats a true story, this is very relatable. Wisdom is truly needed” 

While another wrote: 

“Lol idc how much mainstream try BEING TOXIC NEVER GONE BE CUTE”

Fans are comparing the new track to the real-life toxic relationship in the hip-hop community, one being LA rapper BlueFace and his girlfriend, social media influencer Chrisean Rock

The two were recently entangled in baby mama drama involving the mother of the “Thotiana” rapper’s child.

Kandi Buruss and Tiny from R&B group Xscape sent social media into a frenzy after they made a clap back track to Dvsn’s hit single “If I Get Caught.” 

The Atlanta songstresses came through for the ladies and released a music video of their response to the “toxic” track, proving that two can play that game.

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