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First things first: I am hearing that there is going to be a GloRilla / Megan Thee Stallion collaboration coming soon! Are you all ready for that “FNF” remix with Megan Thee Stallion? And maybe somebody else? This is the rumor. But, it works out, because Megan has already seen her fair share of “f##k n#ggas” and so it works perfectly. I am thinking Cardi B might go in there too, but I have not exactly heard that as a rumor.

GloRilla and her crew are about to break out like never before. We’ve had a lot of female rappers come through Hip-Hop, but we have rarely seen a group of them. I believe this may change with GloRilla and her ratchet a$$ friends.

Before GloRilla struck gold with “FNF,” she was just a rapper like everybody else. But now, if you hated her, brace yourself, because she has a bunch of chicks behind her that are going to continue to push the narrative. Check this out.


I’ll find it interesting to see how it all develops because Yo Gotti signed one artist – Glo. And there were about six of them getting on that private jet. To me, this means at least one of them is going to be angry and walk away, pursuing her own career. Do you agree? I think it’s a law of averages. This ain’t the Wu-Tang Clan era where everybody sits put and waits for a deal to come up to them.

We’ll see though. Yo Gotti is throwing around a lot of money which means someone else will be throwing around a lot of money too. I’m thinking somebody is going to scoop up one of these chicks and put her on. Probably pit her against Glo and make it actionable in the commercial marketplace.

But, right now…its all good! FNF!


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