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According to the National Safety Council (NSC), July 4th has been named the most dangerous U.S. holiday primarily due to the combination of extra travel, alcohol, and fireworks. 

Rapper Chief Keef learned the hard way after having an awful experience with fireworks over the holiday weekend.

A video of the chart-topper’s explosive situation was posted by his 43B artist Lil Gnar.

Lil Gnar captions his post, “Sosa almost blew da crib up.”


The footage shows everyone hanging out and lighting the sparklers. Everything seemed cool as the colorful blasts decorated the sky, but then on the ground, all hell broke loose.

As the sparks dashed out at their legs and feet, the bystanders scattered in a rush to escape getting burned. The “Earned It” rapper also ran from the danger and joined others as they ducked behind cars. reported in June that Lil Gnar is the first artist signed to the rapper’s label.

The two previously worked on a song titled “New Bugatti.”

Keef has partnered with RBC Records and BMG Rights Management to start a new record company. Rocking with RBC, to which 43B will be a subsidiary, is no coincidence. He has a working relationship with the company that started in 2014.

“43B has been a passion project of mine for over a year, and I’m ready to give artists that are changing the game a label where they can really succeed,” Chief Keef said. “I’ve been independent for almost 10 years, so I want to pass on my knowledge of the industry to artists who are shifting the culture so they can make it to the top.”

While the business is set, let’s hope Chief Keef doesn’t burn himself up before the new label can release real fire … the kind folk can listen to.

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