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I just got a report that says that the killer of Nipsey Hussle was stabbed in a Los Angeles county jail.

It’s very interesting that this happens at this time. The first report said that he was assaulted, a very general term without specificities. However, the rumor mill is emerging and has stated that he was actually stabbed.

What’s interesting, is that this man has been incarcerated for the murder of one of our favorite rappers for around three years. During that time we all knew that he was the perpetrator, because it was all captured on tape. But, there have been no attempts on his life that I know of. And nothing that we have gotten has suggested that there was going to be retribution for his evil act.

Now, it appears that somebody actually made an attempt on his life in this county jail facility. Why now? Obviously nothing makes a whole bunch of sense in the prison system, but it does lend itself to a lot of rumors.

On the other hand it seems like one of the friends Nipsey had has beaten a bench warrant that should have landed him in jail. But it was all dropped somehow. Rimpau, who refuse to testify, originally had a warrant for his arrest because he refused to testify. He was even a pallbearer at Nipsey’s funeral. He stood next to Nipsey when he was shot. Judge George H. Clay issued a bench warrant for his arrest with $500,000 bail last Thursday. And suddenly it was just dropped.


Cowboy, who is also one of Nipsey‘s really close friends, proclaimed Evan “Rimpau” McKenzie a coward. He said he ran when Nipsey was shot. Right now, they are trying to get Eric Holder the most jail time possible. There is a difference between a crime of passion and premeditated murder. The difference is life in jail!

So, some aren’t calling this an issue of no snitching vs snitching. But it seems more sinister to me. I am not going to print what I think, but it all smells really foul. Before we examine this further, at a later date, tell me what you’re thinking about this whole situation.

By the way, I would ride for Nip in anyway possible if I was given the opportunity.

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