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Everyone was surprised when Tyler Bartel released his new song, “Marked.” After it was released on streaming services, the song quickly became a viral sensation. There are people all across the world that admire Tyler Bartel’s artwork. Listening to the song, it’s clear how much work went into it.

Tyler Bartel, a gifted musician, is now putting on a show to show off his talents. His latest song has enthralled those who follow him. We know you’ll enjoy listening to it, and we know you’ll enjoy playing it, too.

A self-taught artist, Tyler Bartel has always expressed himself via painting. In his work, he is able to portray his thoughts and feelings in a unique way. As a musician, he employs the same tactic. Songs are the vehicle Marked by which he communicates his emotions. His music thus provides an entirely new experience every time you hear it.

Following Tyler Bartel’s debut single, “Marked,” he’s been making waves. This song has solidified his reputation as a musical genius.

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