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Method Man finally apologized for disrespecting R&B group Destiny’s Child at an award show in 2004.


Method Man went on the Export Opinion podcast hosted by Math Hoffa and apologized for taking offense to Destiny’s Child at the 2004 MOBO awards.

“I see the girls, and so, you know, I kind of moseyed out of my seat to go and say what’s up to them. Now, this is me still in my low self-esteem era.”

Meth later on in the segment gave his apology:

“And to this day, I don’t think that I ever apologized for that. I apologize to Beyonce. I apologize to Kelly Rowland and Michelle. Y’all did not deserve that. At all.”

Beyonce’s mother Tina Lawson approved of the Wu-Tang member’s apology and posted the clip on her Instagram with the caption:

“Thank you, Method Man, it takes a real man to tell this story! Such a great example for other young men. Don’t assume someone is dissing you.”

During the same interview, he shared his opinion on rappers having ghostwriters. He said those who do should eliminate themselves from the top MC conversation.

Method man also feels rappers in the industry having ghostwriters isn’t a surprise but should not be taken seriously among the best of all time. 

“It’s certain (rappers), when you hear their verses, you pay attention because you know this n*gga bout to say some sh*t.”

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