The Source |BK’s Sandflower Drops ‘The Quantum Seed’ Album

Rising Brooklyn, NY artist Sandflower is entering the summer on a peaceful and insightful note, with the official release of her new album titled The Quantum Seed — available now on all DSPs. The 16-track collective is perfectly described as a good vibe, providing good energy and insight into the universe and primitive of self-awareness. Sandflower created the album out of the pure need of expression. Outrageous, freeing and full of different dimensions, The Quantum Seed is definitely a great first impression for those recently discovering Sandflower’s music.

“The Quantum Seed is me reaching out into the universe and beaming my signal. This album is a call to anyone who thinks and vibrates on a different wave.” – Sandflower

This album follows the release of her prior single, “BUMP” ft. MiGSMiGSTER. Known for her refreshing and carefree get-up and cadence, Sandflower is working the industry day by day, expanding an organic base of supporters and beyond. For those new to Sandflower, The Quantum Seed is a great first impression. Stream below:

Be on the lookout for our in person interview with Sandflower dropping next week also be sure to drop by the New York pop-up shop for spray ground in the heart of Times Square.

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