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Music is a powerful force. It can create soundtracks to our lives, heal us when we are hurting, and inspire us when we feel hopeless. Mohit Chawla understands this power better than most people. In Mohit’s short life, he has experienced the full spectrum of human emotions from love to lose and everything in between. The son of an Indian immigrant, Mohit was born in India and moved to the US at 11. Growing up in Chicago, he watched his younger brother suffer from a heart condition and die because their parents could not afford to refill his prescription.

In the aftermath of this loss, everything went downhill for Mohit: his parents divorced, his mental health suffered, and he became a shy, introverted kid with no friends. Music was the only bright spot in his otherwise gloomy life, and Mohit latched onto it with everything he had. After listening to various artists for many years, he gathered the courage to start crafting his own inspirational tracks. Gradually, he perfected his skill and attracted fans on social and music streaming platforms.

Mohit’s song, “Love Yourself”, has over 5 million views on YouTube, and his song, “I’m Sorry”, reached number 1 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart in 2019. His other songs are just as successful and continue to attract new fans daily. In 2020, the artist ventured into philanthropy and launched a non-profit in Benin, West Africa. He moved there shortly before COVID hit and established a base in the country. Mohit hopes to expand his music business, inspire people, and touch as many lives as he can through the non-profit.

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