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Rap music now is disproportionately ratchet, gang related, h0e-ish and a bunch of other stuff. Nobody says “We hate yall,” but some people are like, “Lets see and hear some other facets of the culture.” Like you cannot tell me there are NO young revolutionary rappers around. Or some rappers not named Drake that want you to dance!

So, what do we have here? We have a situation where we there is an imbalance. So, I heard a rumor. I do not know the length of this, but I heard Attorney Ben Crump may be doing an album as a companion-piece to his new Netflix documentary “Civil.” The movie chronicles his life as a Civil Rights attorney from the early days to the present day.

The rumor is that Brother Crump is putting together a compilation album of rappers of a more conscious variety or getting some modern-day griots to spit the real. This serves a dual role. 1) It obviously promotes the movie, but it 2) sets it off for the more proactive, solution-based rap artist to get some traction. Maybe he can sue the labels for not giving the fans what the really need. If you can sue cigarette companies for messing up the health of people, why not? Some of this stuff is as bad as smoking a pack a day!

Anyway, I hope they make it happen, just to get something other than gunplay, drug dealing and other stuff!

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