The Game Has Fan Sip Drink From Garbage In New Series “Anything”

The Game has decided to try something new with his show “Anything,” and it may make your stomach turn.


The Game debuted his new reality show, “Anything,” on TikTok.

So far, the show has lived up to its title when the “How We Do” rapper had a fan pick a drink out of the trash can to receive new shoes at the Balenciaga store as a prize.

After doing the unsanitary challenge, The Game kept his promise and let the fan choose what they want from the store.

As the new show becomes a thing, fans will have to wait to see what new crazy challenge is next.

The Compton native is no stranger to controversial actions to keep his name in the headlines.

He recently released his much-anticipated album, Drillmatic, and it had social media buzzing.

What stood out to fans is the track titled “ The Black Slim Shady,” where he took shots at Eminem.

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