The Black Fives Foundation Place Headstone for African-American Basketball Pioneer WIll Anthony Madden

The Black Fives Foundation celebrates placing a headstone on the unmarked grave of African American basketball pioneer WIll Anthony Madden. The headstone arrived ahead of his birthday, August 24. Madden was born in 1883.

Known as the “King of Black Basketball,” Madden was born in an unmarked grave because he had no next of king when he died in 1973. His grave is now marked in Linden, New Jersey, at Rosedale Cemetary.

The Black Fives Foundation is a public charity that operates to research, preserve, showcase, teach, and honor the pre-NBA history of African Americans in basketball.

The efforts of The Black Fives Foundation include uncovering more details of African American history, advocating for the proper recognition of African American basketball pioneers, and more. You can learn more about The Black Fives Foundation here.

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