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The music industry is diverse and intriguing. Different genres speak to different people and have the ability to unite them. People make music for all sorts of reasons, passion, the stories they can tell, nostalgia, and more. This art form has been closely woven into human culture and will remain so for a very long time to come.

Given the broad scope and practice in this field, some amazing artists have contributed to the music community, specifically from the hip-hop genre, and one such artist on the rise is AQ.

AQ believes music is a journey, and he prides himself in telling his story in the most beautiful way possible. He also creates music to get him through life’s rough patches.

AQ comes from the southside of Texas, where he grew up listening to alternative music and pop. In a way, music has always been part of AQ’s life; however, it was only later that he finally found his genre and fell in love with hip-hop. AQ mentions how hip-hop resonates with him and gives him a distinct opportunity to tell his story.

Not long after he began his hip-hop career, he started to gain attention once he released a few tracks—AQ has more than 35K monthly listeners on Spotify. His highest-streamed song, “Knights,” has been streamed a jaw-dropping 900K times.

AQ’s newly released project is “(PRE)ESH” (pronounced Pre-Esh), a three-pack preview and teaser to his highly-anticipated sophomore album, PREESH. Additionally, AQ has released visualizers for, “Kick The Bucket,” and “Gimmie The Loot.” 

While AQ has taken a page out of Lil Wayne’s book with his drop of “The Leak” before his album The Carter III, AQ is using this opportunity to showcase his lyrical prowess and mastery over impactful rhythms intertwined between a variety of different melodies.

While things are looking great for AQ at the moment, he has gone through his fair share of hard times to attain success today. The news of his manager’s death came as a shock to him, and he was left with no choice but to pull himself together and push forward regardless. Another instance where AQ struggled was within a short while of making music professionally, he received an offer from Pusha T. However, at the time, due to unforeseen circumstances, AQ was unable to honor this deal, which made him unhappy and uneasy for a while, as he thought he was blowing his one shot to cut through the noise in the music industry. Nevertheless, AQ saw beyond the situation and decided to rewrite his story by putting in the work.

AQ emphasizes the need to follow your dreams and never give up on them. He adds that dreams are vehicles that drive us to fulfill success, and as such, we must remain resolute in seeing them come true.

AQ is an ambitious artist, as he envisions himself on the front page of reputable magazine covers and billboards across major cities, making waves in the music industry. He hopes to go on tour soon and make appearances at festivals like Coachella, Rolling Loud, and Wireless Fest. AQ would also love to collaborate with artists like Kanye West and Kid Cudi. While many might think of him as overly ambitious, one thing remains clear: he is headed toward achieving all of this and more.

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