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A woman who previously sued Snoop Dogg for sexual assault resubmitted her claims against him.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, the woman revived her lawsuit on Wednesday (July 20). The alleged victim, using the name Jane Doe, repeated accusations about the West Coast rapper forcing her to perform a sex act in 2013.

Jane Doe sued the veteran Hip Hop artist and Bishop Don “Magic” Juan for sexual assault in February. She dismissed the lawsuit “without prejudice” in April, allowing herself the ability to refile her claims.

The alleged victim accused Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, whose real name is Donald Campbell, of pimping out women who wanted to work for Snoop Dogg.

“Defendant Campbell, as an agent for Defendant Snoop Dogg and with Defendant Snoop Dogg’s knowledge and approval, engaged in and conspired in a common scheme and enterprise of recruiting, enticing, providing, transporting, soliciting, and forcing Plaintiff and individuals similarly situated to Plaintiff, with the intent that Plaintiff engage in sexual activities with Defendants Snoop Dogg and Campbell, in exchange for access to employment with Defendants, including but are not limited to dancing and appearing on Defendants’ concerts, promoting Defendants’ shows, hosting Defendants’ shows, and appearing on Defendants’ shows such as GGN,” Jane Doe’s lawyer wrote.

Jane Doe’s refiled lawsuit also condemned Snoop Dogg’s spokesperson for revealing her real name. Her lawyer labeled it as intimidation and mentioned similar tactics used by the rapper in the past.

“By releasing Plaintiff’s name, Defendant Snoop Dogg yet again demonstrated his pattern and practice of scaring, intimidating, retaliating against, and harassing victims of sexual harassment, assault, and battery, by effectively calling on his millions of followers to threaten, intimidate, and retaliate against Plaintiff,” the attorney wrote. “Defendant Snoop Dogg released her name with the knowledge, intention, and hope that Defendant Snoop Dogg’s millions of followers would harass, intimidate, and threaten Plaintiff.”

Jane Doe’s updated lawsuit included defamation claims. It cited a press release from the Death Row Records owner’s spokesperson.

The woman said the statement to the press was “written and published with the goal of threatening, intimidating, retaliating against, and making Plaintiff an object of harassment, ridicule, contempt, hatred, or disgrace, and to bring her public and personal humiliation.”

Jane Doe asked for potential damages to be determined at a trial. The Derek Smith Law Group continues to represent her.

A spokesperson for Snoop Dogg issued the following statement to AllHipHop in response to the refiled lawsuit:

The complaint refiled today against Snoop Dogg by “Jane Doe” and her attorney is meritless. It follows Jane Doe’s attorney’s voluntarily dismissing just a few months ago her previous complaint on the alleged matter. He also dismissed an earlier complaint – this is the third try.

As before, this refiled complaint is riddled with and predicated upon falsehoods and inaccuracies. Moreover, as Jane Doe and her attorney know or should know, Jane Doe has never been Snoop Dogg’s employee.

In March 2022, the plaintiff and her attorney were served with a motion to dismiss by legal counsel for Snoop Dogg. That motion made clear to Jane Doe and her attorney the false nature of Jane Doe’s allegations against Snoop Dogg. Jane Doe’s attorney then in April 2022 asked the court to dismiss his client’s complaint.

Snoop Dogg looks forward to proving the falsity of these allegations.

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