Rolling Loud Cali Date Switch Has Fans Outraged

Rolling Loud California has officially announced that the event will happen next year. Fans are not happy about the news.


Rolling Loud California was set to happen in December 2022.  

An official announcement was made yesterday that stated the event has been set back until March 2023.

Fans on Twitter were not pleased to hear about the delay.

One fan stated that the original month was perfect:

“Cali in December was so perfect, Smh.”

Another fan implied that they shouldn’t have added any other locations.

Fans are still expressing their disappointment as many were looking forward to closing their year off at the show.

Although the one in California won’t happen until next year, Rolling Loud New York is still slated to happen in September.

The self-proclaimed “world’s biggest hip-hop festival” returns to the mecca of rap with Rolling Loud New York 2022. The festival promises the hottest names in hip hop to take the stage at Citi Field in September.

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