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In an industry where most new artists blindly run after trends to steal their share of the limelight, Erick B chose to be authentic. Erick B is a rising music artist and songwriter. He is just 15 and has already earned a staggering 390,000 average monthly listeners on Spotify; a feat rarely achieved even by seasoned artists. Erick B is a natural R&B singer who has managed to connect with his audiences on a deeper level through music.

Erick B was only 13 when he started writing songs. He eventually released his first song at 15, and the track went viral on social media, earning over 3 million streams on all social media platforms within two weeks. Since then, Erick B has been climbing the ladder of success both on digital streaming platforms and in the live music scene. He has already been signed by some of the top music labels like Bryan DMG of Delux Music Group.

Navigating a closely-knit industry as a budding artist at 15 hasn’t been a walk in the park for Erick B. He struggled to overcome self-doubt and other challenges to reach the position he is in today. Erick B has managed to stand out for his authenticity and unique sense of music. Instead of blindly following trends, he focuses on creating something he will forever be proud of. Erick B’s songs are for people who not only move to the beat but also pay attention to the lyrics.

Staying true to his vision of becoming an authentic artist, Erick B hopes to collaborate with big names in the music industry; he wants to work with artists he looks up to and he wants to become a sought-after name in the live music scene in the coming years.

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