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The rising indie group “FiveStarSportsPicks” has already had an impressive debut as an alternative indie band. They have a passion for entrepreneurship, music, and style. The multi-diverse group started their music career as a form of expression and overall love of the music lifestyle; this has changed their view of the music industry.

The road to success for FiveStarSportsPicks wasn’t an easy one. They had to hustle hard and go through the grind earlier in their life to break into the music scene. Not being afraid of failure or learning new things, their positive attitude has taken them on a long journey in the music world.

The group is originally from Idaho, but currently reside in Los Angeles and has a fortified presence within the Canadian and American music industries. Their day starts and ends with music creation, and they love to practice for long hours and create memorable music which connects with their followers. 

Their reputation of making capturing music and being misfits has made it easy for them to cement their presence in the music business. Their vision immediately is to establish a line for other artists out of NYC to be able to FiveStarSportsPicks wants to be known in history as the group who helped pave the way for other indies in the industry.

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