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Eli Lazar discusses the origins of his musical career and shows us his beginnings in his new music single “Retro Sunset.” The song takes the listener on an emotional roller coaster. Following its debut, the song swiftly went to the top of the music charts. Fans all across the world have already acknowledged Eli Lazar’s genius.

“Retro Sunset” explores the origins of house music while staying faithful to its own style. It incorporates Eli Lazar’s personal flair while paying respect to classic house production techniques. As a result, you’ll hear music that’s both catchy and enjoyable to listen to, as well as music that inspires you to dance.

Eli Lazar, an artist, is aware of his supporters’ expectations. He’s been exposed to the kind of music that listeners enjoy, and he’s crafted his own music to meet those standards. His supporters all look to be having a great time.

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