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“Moving Forward” is the title of their upcoming song, and with that, Noirillusions hopes to set a firm foot in the music world after the highly successful “Glock Box”.

Isn’t it amazing to know and learn about all those people and professionals who always look for ways they can up their game in their respective industries? Well, the world may have been a witness to the rise of many talented beings working across different fields, trying to make a unique name for themselves, but only a handful of professionals go ahead in doing the “different” and, in the process, also make sure to make their mark as true-blue professionals in their respective sectors. So many such talented beings have increasingly made their name across artistic fields like music, even after being highly saturated and competitive. Noirillusions is one among them.

Noirillusions, an Atlanta, Georgia-based music artist, is now quite literally “Moving Forward” in the hip-hop and rap genres and in the whole of the music scene in the US with an upcoming song of his titled “Moving Forward” with none other than the ever-so-famous American rapper Trippie Redd. Recently, these two tremendously talented music artists revealed how they have been prepping for dropping a bomb of a song and can’t wait to yet again enthral audiences and listeners, who have been eagerly waiting for the singer and rapper to serve them some hot music.

With Moving Forward, his upcoming song, Noirillusions, wants to take a firmer step forward in the industry and wishes to create his own unique niche in the near future to be able to be known as a true-blue artist, who never settles for anything average, instead makes sure to give it his all to create musical gems by putting in his heart and soul for every music project.

This passion for years has garnered him massive success and momentum, where his single “Glock Box” became his most famous song. However, he is confident that his upcoming song Moving Forward with Trippie Redd will also prove to be a major hit.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @noirillusions and on SoundCloud.



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