Nicolas Nuvan Is One of TikTok’s Top Music Curators

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Last week on TikTok, a video caught traction featuring a TikTok curator, Nicolas Nuvan, and a random passerby he selected to interview on the street in New Orleans. At first glance, it seems relatively ordinary. Once this older woman replied that her favorite song to listen to is “Butterfly Effect” by Travis Scott, it seemed a little odd. Nicolas had some more questions for her, which she nonchalantly shrugged off. 

Nicolas Nuvan posted the video, just like any other of the over 760 he has already. Except for this time, Nicolas received a comment from one of his followers that informed him who the mystery woman from the New Orleans video was: Wanda Webster, the mother of Travis Scott.

It made a lot more sense as to why “Butterfly Effect” was her favorite song after that comment.  It also made it clear just how much of a winner this video format is. It’s founded upon Nicolas’ genuine interest in people and love for music. It seems like a no-brainer to expect Nicolas to keep up the current momentum he has. In the past month alone, he’s posted close to 200 videos. 

In this new age of technology and music, a simple fan-made video could be the difference between a record-breaking or not. Nicolas has proven to be a valuable resource for the artists who are put on by his interview subjects, and the best part is it’s an indirect aid. He’s somewhat functioning as a mirror in the world of music and TikTok, showing the world what’s being listened to nowadays, in all of its vastness. 

That was the exact reason that Nicolas Nuvan found himself in New Orleans in the first place; he was on tour asking people in every corner of the U.S. about their favorite music and artists. He’s generating some of the most telling music data in existence while giving artists huge digital pushes at random (based on his interview subjects’ answers).

Nicolas is one of many TikTok curators that have found a significant place in the modern music environment, but he’s a one-of-a-kind creator.

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