Nicki Minaj Finally Scores Her First Solo No. 1. What Took So Long?

Nicki Minaj has finally achieved her first number one record on the Billboard charts with “Super Freaky Girl.”


Nicki Minaj has now accomplished her first solo No. 1 song on the Billboard charts with her new single “Super Freaky Girl.”

Nicki went on Instagram to thank her die-hard fanbase:

“You did it barbs, you did it. Thank you so much.”

With Nicki’s success for a decade plus, it’s puzzling that she is just now earning her first No. 1 song, especially with being the top influential female rapper in that same period.

The only way to explain why Nicki is just getting to this point is because of the male-dominated hip-hop scene and being the only female artist on top of the rap game until recently.

Nicki had a solo song at No. 2 once, in 2014, when she dropped  “Anaconda” right behind Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

Fans reacted to the “Super Bass” rapper finally achieving the much deserving accomplishment.

One fan expressed frustration on how it took this year for the achievement to happen:

“Nicki finally gets her solo number one, took too fucking long, but it’s finally here.”

Another user tweeted how Nicki’s critics have been nitpicking at her for not having a number one song by herself:

“Nicki finally got her solo number one song that yall kept taunting her about having now we’ll see how they make excuses to how she got it.”

From the tweets, fans have also wondered why a female rap star of Minaj’s status is just now receiving a charting position for a solo song.

The recent charting success won’t be the only thing Nicki Minaj will be celebrating.

Nicki Minaj is set to receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award during the MTV Video Music Awards on August 28. 

This special award is presented to recording artists and music video directors who have significantly impacted pop culture.

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