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Nick Cannon has had a very extensive dating history. Despite saying he doesn’t want to be married ever again, Cannon reveals that if Kim Kardashian or Mariah Carey wanted to explore a relationship again, he would be open to it.

Speaking on the Hot Tee podcast, Nick Cannon gave love to Pete Davidson and even called him his “little bro.” Cannon said, “it was really interesting when I saw them together,” before announcing he would definitely double back on the reality star.

“It’s all love, but that’s Kim Kardashian,” Cannon said. “I’d definitely spin the block. Shoutout to my little bro, but I mean, come on. I don’t know what their situation is. I’m not messy, I’m patient. Let’s just say that.”

Cannon’s adoration for his ex-wife Mariah Carey is not a secret but he also says if she were to leave her longtime relationship, he is available.

Cannon said, “Dude is amazing with my kids. I truly respect that. But, come on, that’s my fantasy love … I will never have a love like I had with Mariah, and I appreciate that.”

In a cliche toast to their former romance, Cannon said, “Always by my baby.”

During the conversation, Cannon touches on numerous other subjects, including being the one who introduced Kardashian and Kanye West.

You can hear it all below.

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