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R&B singer Ne-Yo, responsible for such classics as “Closer,” “Because of You”, and “Miss Independent,” recently chopped it up with SOHH at the Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana.


During a chat with SOHH, the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Ne-Yo shared that he was solely at the event to promote his latest album, “Self-Explanatory.”

Set to drop on July 15th, he wasn’t too quick to share all the details on the new project:

“There’s not a lot of explanation that’s required when it comes to Ne-Yo music. Ne-Yo music is music you live life to…it’s music you break up to, it’s music to make up to. This album is no exception, but don’t take my word for it!”

The R&B veteran also opened up after being asked if he ever felt pressured to keep up with trends in such a fast-moving industry.

“There was a point in time where I got lost for a minute, the sound changed, the look changed, the game changed. There was a moment where I was even like do I still fit in this thing?”

He then continued by explaining how he overcame it: 

“My job is to create art, my job is not to sell records, my job is not to be popular I don’t care about all of that. Imma do music until music is done with me.”

Ne-Yo and his wife Crystal Renay recently got re-married in Las Vegas in an attempt to give the relationship a second chance. 

The three-time Grammy winner even took the time to perform some of his classic songs at the event showing the crowd an even more memorable night to enjoy.

After almost filing for divorce in 2020, he had second thoughts and decided not to move forward with the court proceedings.

The wedding had a few big names in attendance such as Nene Leakes, Melody Holt, and Tammy Rivera.

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