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Any artist would appreciate a loyal fanbase when they are going through adversity. One rapper that is grateful for those types of fans is NBA YoungBoy.


A now-viral video showed fan reactions when Baton Rouge rapper NBA YoungBoy left the courtroom, and he was all smiles while greeting them.

The “Late To Da party” rapper interacted with several of them with all smiles, including taking pictures and hugs after walking out of the courtroom. 

The video surfaced hours after the chart-topping rapper was found not guilty on Friday of firearm and ammunition possession on felony charges. 

YoungBoy was facing up to 10 years in prison if convicted. His lawyers argued that he did not know the weapon was in the car and was unaware of his outstanding federal warrant from March 2021.

YoungBoy’s not guilty verdict can be tied to a decision made earlier in his case. 

Last week, a Los Angeles judge ruled that his rap lyrics would be excluded from his point.

Lyrics being used against rappers has always been controversial, and new laws are starting to prevent that from happening in future trials. Youngboy’s lawyers argued that his lyrics did not automatically mean he was involved in such acts.

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