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If anyone from hip-hop can give a history lesson on all things Queens, it’s Nas. The Queens-born rapper is set to direct “Supreme Team,” a three-part documentary.


The docuseries will touch on the New York crime conglomerate and be directed project under his legal name, Nasir Jones.

Besides music, Nas is widely known for his role in “Belly.” Now, he’s headed for a director role.

The Queensbridge legend took to Instagram to post a snippet for “Supreme Team,” which is about the rise and fall of the notorious crime mob during the 1980s crack epidemic in NYC.

Nas will co-direct with Peter J.Scalettar and will also be one of the interviewees in the documentary. The leader of the Supreme Team, Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, will be speaking on the documentary from prison.

Other notable figures in the documentary will be LL Cool J, Ashanti, reporter Joy Reid, and New York City mayor Eric Adams. 

“Supreme Team” will begin streaming on Showtime from July 8.

While Nas embarks on a new venture as a director, he demonstrates his narrating skills within the series, “Origins of Hip-Hop,” which tells a story about the rise of fame for several rappers. 

Iconic hip-hop music brand Mass Appeal produces this series and airs on A&E Network Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Nas owns Mass Appeal and will narrate every rapper episode. The rappers in the series will include Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Ja Rule, Grandmaster Flash, Ice-T, Eve, Uncle Luke, and Lil Jon.

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