Nas Has Casual Dinner With Fans While On Tour With Wu-Tang In Turks & Caicos

A Nas fan posted herself casually having dinner with the legend in Turks and Caicos on TikTok.


Recently, legendary rapper Nas was seen having a casual dinner with a fan in Turks and Caicos in a TikTok post.

The fan, who appeared to be on a girls’ trip, said, “casually ended up having dinner with Nas in Turks”. 

The “Illmatic” rapper is currently on tour with Wu-Tang Clan. The Turks and Caicos destination is one of 25 stops on their August tour.

The legendary rapper appears to be sitting at a different table across from the ladies and then casually walked over to their table to make a toast. 

He then sat at the table, scrolled through his phone, and took some shots with the fans.  

Slightly intoxicated, he said “I love you” to both fans as he smiled and made a toast. 

Nas may be a legend, but he’s got no problem taking shots with people like a regular dude. 

Drake recently had a similar situation. He stopped at a bar in Detroit, Michigan, and found a fan. 

The woman invited the “Sticky” rapper over for a drink. She kindly asked the artist if he’d approve of her recording the moment.

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