Megan Thee Stallion Responds To J. Prince’s Claim That 1501 CEO “Developed” Her

Megan Thee Stallion was not happy with J. Prince’s post that claims her label 1501 “developed” her into the artist she is today.


Megan Thee Stallion has responded to J Prince’s claims that her career was “made” by  1501 label CEO Carl Crawford. 

She took to Twitter to address her frustration. 

“I’m so over these grown ass men trying to take credit away from the work me and my mama put into at the beginning of my career”

The Houston Hottie also expressed how she financed her career with her mother before ever signing to the label.

“Me and my mom developed my career I was already known for freestyling and I was already working on Tina Snow before I got to 1501.”

Before Meg’s comments, Rap-A-Lot’s label head J. Prince claimed that Carl Crawford should credit for Megan’s career:

“The truth is that Carl discovered, developed, and fully financed Megan Thee Stallion early in her career which led to a life-changing distribution agreement for her with 300 Entertainment.”

Prince concluded by claiming that the “Savage” rapper has not been truthful about her contract:

“In addition, Megan Thee Stallion has consistently and intentionally breached her 1501 contract with impunity for years in ways that are too numerous to list here from entering  into agreements inconsistent with her contract, falsely claiming publishing shares that belong to 1501, failing to notify, account or pay ancillary revenue, releasing albums, previous material, and falsely claiming that she is out of her contract.”

As the situation continues to develop, the public will get to see who comes out as the winner of the contract dispute.

J. Prince’s comments followed after the news of Megan Thee Stallion suing the label went public.

Megan asked a Houston judge to relieve her from her contract with 1501 Entertainment

The case claims Megan “has satisfied all option periods” in the 2018 contract, with her recent albumTraumazine and October 2021 album, Something for Thee Hotties.

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