Maliachigh Drops His Broadwater Album And Says That Confidence Is The Key To Music

Maliachigh has extreme confidence in his new album, “Broadwater”. At some point in life, many people find themselves working on their self-confidence. Without it, it is easy to fall into the trap of self-doubt and negativity. This is particularly true for musicians who must deal with a myriad of challenges and situations that can make even the most experienced performer falter and sweat. Maliachigh believes that a lack of confidence can hinder an artist’s ability to perform, grow and succeed. A common misconception about confidence is that it’s a character trait that you either have or you don’t. The good news is that confidence is something you can change- and that you actually have control over. How do you deal with self-doubt and insecurities as a performer?

Maliachigh says that his confidence as an individual was already established before he started making music. He has been in the entertainment industry for close to a decade, and during this period, he has diversified his talent scope, actively trying out new things that resonate with his capabilities. The secret behind it all is confidence. He attests to the fact that stage fright is a common experience that many musicians of his caliber still experience. However, with proper coping mechanisms, it is possible to deter some daunting consequences of lack of confidence. 

It is okay to shut down the subconscious part of your mind. Maliachigh points out that our subconscious mind is always listening to everything we tell ourselves, and that it doesn’t have a filter. From negative sentiments to destructive thoughts, our subconscious mind unconditionally accepts the most consistent messages as reality. Maliachigh adds that this part of our brains is completely literal and does not have a sense of humor. Thus, our self-confidence resides in our subconscious beliefs. If you want to act, feel, and be more confident, a musician should first take control of their minds and begin thinking like confident people. Always tell yourself the right things.

Maliachigh occasionally advises novice artists about the importance of consistently practicing their art. Practice time is crucial for any creative, and while at it, they must know that the way they practice can have an effect on their confidence. Maliachigh has observed how most musicians like practicing in isolation, and in the same practice room or studio setting that they prefer. To the surprise of many, their confidence levels drop, and they begin to feel anxious when performing in front of others. Instead, Maliachigh says it’s best to practice in different environments including the space where they will be performing, if possible. Invite people to come to listen to you and give you feedback. This will not only make you feel more confident but also more comfortable with yourself.

Confidence is also about being kind to yourself. Appreciate your strengths and weaknesses alike. Perfection in your art comes with time, same as your confidence.

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