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Pete Davidson is “so excited” to become a dad one day.

The former “Saturday Night Live” star discussed his desire to one day become a father during a recent interview with Kevin Hart for his “Hart to Heart” series.

Reflecting on his plans, 28-year-old Pete revealed that he dreams of becoming a parent.

“Definitely a family guy. My favorite thing ever, which I have yet to achieve, I wanna have a kid. That’s like my dream,” he said in a clip. “It’s like, super corny, (but) it would be so fun. Dress up the little dude. It’s just like, I’m so excited for that chapter. That’s kind of what I’m just preparing for now, is just trying to be as good as a dude, develop and get better so when that happens, it’s just easier.”


Pete Davidson has recently had a taste of parenthood, as he has reportedly grown close to his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s four children, whom she shares with ex-husband Kanye West.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Pete discussed how the loss of his firefighter father, Scott Davidson, in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City in 2001, affected his childhood and life choices.

“I tell my friends that all the time if my childhood was fine, I’d probably be a construction worker in Staten Island and be the happiest guy ever,” he shared. “But that weird s### that it does to you made me love comedy.”

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