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Last night, someone close to JayDaYoungan took to social media to share memories after his death.


JayDaYoungan’s girlfriend Carena Vonchae took to Instagram with a heartbreaking message as she copes with the rapper’s passing:

“Thank God that my last words to you were I love you, I hope you know how though. I’m so hurt babe how could you leave me like that, I would’ve never left you ever.”

Vonchae continued:

”I’ll never forget about you or what we had, I fell in love with you the first day I met you and it hasn’t been a day without us talking since. This is going to be so hard for me, but I know you would want me to be strong, I’ll try but I don’t know babe.”

JayDaYoungan was killed last night in his hometown Bogalusa, Louisiana, alongside his father who was also hit but survived.

There is no update on the father’s condition at this time.

The ex-girlfriend of another deceased rapper spoke out.

The ex-girlfriend and mother of Keed’s daughter, Quana Bandz, shared an Instagram collage of videos and photos of the couple.   

Quana hinted that Keed might have suffered from a long-term physical and painful illness. 

She shared that the rapper had wanted her beside him in LA just before his death, but she couldn’t go.

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