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Live Nation revealed its defense against a lawsuit over the death of Drakeo the Ruler.

According to Rolling Stone, Live Nation claimed it’s not liable for the deadly stabbing that took place at the Once Upon a Time in L.A. festival in December 2021. The promoter argued it had no reason to thwart “third-party criminal conduct” in a filing made public on Tuesday (July 19).

Drakeo the Ruler’s brother Ralfy the Plug and Stinc Team members sued Live Nation for negligence, blaming the promoter for not having sufficient security at the event. Live Nation said it’s not responsible for the late rapper’s death because he never requested additional security or informed them about potential threats.

Live Nation faces additional lawsuits from Drakeo the Ruler’s mother and son. The company wants the three lawsuits to be consolidated.

Tianna Purtue, the mother of Drakeo the Ruler’s son Caiden, previously spoke to AllHipHop about the lawsuit filed on behalf of her son.

“It is important to me because I think of what happened to Darrell and also now our 5-year-old he left behind — and that was not by choice,” she said in March. “It was a major tragedy on how this happened and the lack of security at the venue. No one has any answers for his son. I’m sitting here constantly trying to talk to my son and let him know that everything is going to be ok even though you won’t see your dad again.”

Check out the full interview with Purtue here.

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