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Florida rapper Kodak Black was released from jail on a $75K bond on Saturday, July 16. One day before his release, he was arrested due to drug trafficking.


Last Saturday (July, 16), after being charged with the possession of oxycodone pills, rapper Bill Kahan Kapri, known as his stage name Kodak Black, was released from jail on a $75K bond.

Around 5 pm on Saturday, one reporter from NBC6 posted a video on Twitter showing the rapper had left the Broward County Jail in South Florida. 

“Never Judge a case based on an arrest. There are always additional facts and circumstances that give rise to a defense, especially in this case,” said Bradford Cohen, Kodak’s defense attorney in a tweet Saturday morning. Cohen also stated that they would move forward and resolve Kodak’s issue quickly.

According to a tweet from Andy Slater, a radio talk show host based in Florida, this 25-year-old rapper was arrested on Friday because of trafficking. 

“Cops pulled over the rapper and during a search found 30+ Oxycodone pills and over $50,000 in cash during a search.”

It was reported that while the rapper was driving a purple Dodge Durango on the Florida Highway, the patrol noticed that the tints of Kodak’s car windows seemed darker than the legal limit. 

Also, it was discovered that the rapper’s license had expired, and so did the vehicle’s registration. 

When the police searched the car, they found nearly $75,000 in cash and a small clear bag containing 31 white oxycodone tablets. According to the CDC, oxycodone is an opioid drug that treats pain and can be highly addictive. Taking too many such prescription opioids can stop one’s breathing and even lead to death.

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