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Oh, Kodak Black!

My boy is looking at a yet another bid. You know the deal.

Kodak was arrested on suspicion of having Oxy by a Florida police officer. The result is: a federal judge has slapped an ankle monitor on him and told him to stay home. I bet his home detention is better than my freedom,but that’s another story.

At least he’s out. He locked with a $225,000 surety bond so he can move around a but, but U.S. Magistrate Judge Jonathan Goodman said he has to go through random drug testing and stay tf home. He can leave for work! Kodak is a rapper! He’s about to be lit! Seriously, he has to get permission and give at least 48 hours notice for concerts/work. A judge must approve time in the studio, according to a court order.

One of the biggest issues is, he may have to go back to jail.

Trump tried to save him, but letting him out, but the laws seek to violate him. He was under supervised release from his 2019 conviction, the one The Donald overturned. He was found guilty and incarcerated for making a false statement in order to obtain a firearm. He is basically on supervised release until Hip-Hop turns 51.

There are so many ways they can control this dude! Jail, supervised release, GPS tracking! You name it!

The lawyer said there are “additional facts” that have yet to be revealed. I think that means that Kodak was granted a prescription for the oxycodone. He had about three dozen pills and almost $75K in cash. What is he? A doomsday prepper?!

Yes, I know this ain’t a rumor. I needed to write something or get cussed out.

illseed out!

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