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Kodak Black says he was racially profiled after his recent arrest in Broward County. Apparently, no matter how much success a rapper can achieve or the help they provide to their community, racial profiling will always be an obstacle.


The South Florida rapper has had his run-ins with the police numerous times, but he feels it’s something deeper this time. 

In a series of tweets, he expressed his thoughts about how he was treated:

“I’m being racially profiled and as a Black man in America, I deserve my freedom, especially with everything I do for my community. I should be getting love, respect and support from the authorities! To move freely, not getting arrested for expired tags and dark windows.”

Kodak was recently arrested in Broward County, Florida, for having expired tags and oxycodone pills in his car with the suspicion of drug trafficking.

On July 15, Kodak Black was arrested on drug trafficking charges. 

The pills that were found were oxycodone pills, which the CDC says can be very addictive.

In addition, the next day, he was released on a $75,000 bond from the Broward County Jail. Florida Highway Patrol said they found nearly $75,000 cash, and his windows were tinted darker than the legal limit. 

The report also states Kodak had an expired license and registration.

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