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“Big Check,” a work of art by the renowned artist KB the Champion, featuring the King of Entertainment: Jertaker, hits the Spinnin’ Records Charts. Jertaker has an impressive resume and a massive list of skills and accomplishments. A top chart ranking obtained by an impressive talent would be considered only a matter of time before such an accomplishment was achieved.

“Big Check” staggered between #39 and #18 on the Spinnin’ Records Charts for a few weeks. It has been on the charts for six weeks. Now “Big Check” reached #4. For those unaware, Spinnin’ Records is a Dutch electronic music record label acquired by Warner Music Group. For the genre of “Big Check,” this is an astounding achievement that shows how impressive the track was. Artists: KB the Champion and Jertaker are the FIRST from Buffalo, NY, to hit the Spinnin’ Records Charts, according to records. As the Buffalo, NY music scene continues to grow, we know that artists such as KB the Champion and Jertaker will be close to the top in leading the industry. Both have huge plans and will not let down their fans.

Jertaker has claimed on podcasts and interviews that he has been working extremely hard lately to get a lot of work out. He claimed to be working hours on end on new music and content.

Hints towards quite a bit in the past six months make us believe that the music and content in the works will be unlike no other due to the long wait. However, with Jertaker’s diverse and extravagant track record, we have few doubts that we will be disappointed.

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