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Kim Kardashian is getting dragged on social media for simply tweeting about wanting Gunna out of the prison system.


Kim K had Black Twitter in an uproar when she simply tweeted, “Free Gunna”

Many fans on Twitter wondered if the reality star is even a fan of Gunna’s music.

One user said, “Name five Gunna songs right now”

Another user tweeted, I bet she can’t name five Gunna songs.”

People were even wondering why Kim couldn’t use her power to free Gunna since she’s a lawyer.

One user said, “Not the billionaire with rich resources… You the lawyer go get him out.”

Another user said, “Use your knowledge and expertise and get him out.”

Recently, Gunna was on a call with loved ones. He’s been keeping his head up while in the cell.

Instead of appearing miserable, a video on the internet surfaced showing Gunna smiling and being positive while behind bars.

The “Drip Too Hard” rapper is shown in a video call with his godson and several other family members.

The Atlanta rapper is awaiting his January 2023 trial on RICO charges and is serving time until then. 

Gunna has been denied bond and won’t be releasing new music anytime soon.

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