Kendrick Lamar Encourages Fans To Become Financially Literate With New Cash App Ad

Kendrick Lamar is officially the new face of a new Cash App ad.


Kendrick Lamar does a rare ad appearance for Cash App’s new “Invest in Yourself” campaign. 

The campaign features Pg Lang, the rap superstars music production company.

Lamar appears as an actor in the short skit alongside Youtube star Exavier and American investor Ray Dalio. 

The “Loyalty” rapper nods along and asks questions as Exavier details a story, to which Kendrick translates the street vernacular to Dalio. 

The investor breaks down the need to make a compound investment with your money, “investing in yourself.” 

The short clip essentially advises its audience on financial literacy. 

The ad, which takes place on a small apartment balcony against a large white wall, becomes massive as the Director and co-founder of his production company, David Free, slowly pulls back his shot. 

The three men eventually become a small frame on the magnifying white wall.

The hosts of the “Earn Your Leisure” podcast, Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings, sat with SOHH to discuss their latest business venture “The Invest Fest.”

The festival, which was designed to inform the culture, combines entrepreneurship, pop culture, and entertainment in one space in Atlanta, GA.

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