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Kay Flock is facing murder charges following his arrest last year, in connection with a shooting outside of a New York City barbershop. However, his lawyer said his client acted in “self-defense” after being placed in an impossible situation, and the video evidence supports this.   

Criminal defense attorney Jeffrey Lichtman says he will “fight to the death” for his client. He claims he was hired because of his reputation in the industry after representing a number of rappers, including The Game and Fat Joe.  

Lichtman confirmed Kay Flock is taking the case to trial, promising “it’s going to be a battle,” during an episode of Allison Kugel’s Allison Interviews.  

He says the Bronx drill rapper was confronted by another man while at a barbershop in Upper Manhattan. “It’s all on video,” Lichtman explained before adding that the footage demonstrates Kay Flock “wanted nothing to do with the guy.” 

He continued, “He waves him off.  He’s walking with a young woman and as shown in the video the guy is walking towards him in a very aggressive manner. He puts his hands in his pockets and Kevin is alleged to have seen the guy walking towards him aggressively with his hands in his pocket.” 

The attorney says that’s when Kay Flock “took his gun out and shot the guy and killed him.” He claims the victim had “a loaded gun in his pocket, that his hand was on at the time.” 

Kay Flock Acted In “Self-Defense”

Lichtman says, “We consider that to be self-defense,” adding, “It’s a horrific case.” He also claimed the victim was armed with “an illegal loaded weapon, apparently about to shoot” Kay Flock.  

The attorney said his client was placed in an impossible situation. “Somebody is walking up to you with a loaded gun and it’s pretty clear he’s going to use it, with a criminal record a mile long. Do you want to get shot, or do you not want to get shot?” 

He concluded, “He’s charged with murder. He’s facing life in prison. He’s 19 years old. Just turned 19.” Watch the interview below.  


Cops say the incident was gang-related and claim Kay Flock is a member of the Bronx-based Thirdside Gang. At the time, the victim’s family believed the shooting was a case of mistaken identity.  

Kay Flock meanwhile has continued to put out music, including his recent collab “Shake It” with Cardi B. The video has amassed over 30 million views on YouTube is the less than three months since release.


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