Kanye Fans React To His Post-And-Delete IG Post After Pete Davidson and Kim K Breakup News

Kanye West took to his Instagram to react to the split between his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson after a short-spanned relationship.


Kanye West responded to the break-up news between Pete Davidson and his ex-wife Kim Kardashian in a now-deleted post on Instagram.

West took the disturbing post down after Kim reportedly asked him to.

The post consisted of a parody of a New York Times newspaper headline that read: 

“Skete Davidson Dead At 28.”

In addition, West also referenced Kid Cudi’s recent incident at Rolling Loud Miami when fans threw bottles at him on stage.

Fans on Twitter reacted to Kanye’s pettiness.

One user blamed Davidson for ruining Cudi and West’s friendship:

“Let’s not forget we lost the duo Kid Cudi and Kanye over this failed Kim and Pete relationship.”

Another user posted a tweet saying:

“Ye has gone to a different level of disrespect

“Kanye acting like Pete is dead is a new level.”

Hopefully, everything will eventually boil over, and all sides can find peace in this situation without anybody getting hurt.

The split follows months after stating he still has beef with Pete even while accepting the fact that the relationship with Kim K is no more.

Several months ago, Kanye was actively fighting for his marriage to stay with Kim Kardashian, but he eventually accepted the divorce and greenlit the marriage dissolution documents to allow Kim to move on. 

But it appears he’s not done with Pete.

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