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Dennis Cibels, better known as Johnyboy, is a talented artist who is from Riga, Latvia. Johnyboy’s first experience with music was an online Russian hip-hop battle which got him interested in making music himself. Since this experience, he has been very successful in competing among the biggest names in Russia. This is how he got his career started. 

Since his career launch, he has released 6 albums, and 25 big music videos. The videos have millions of views and has won multiple online awards and live hip-hop battles. These accomplishments have not come easy. Johnyboy has worked for everything he’s earned within his career. He hit a bump in his career after he battled against the Russian rapper Oxxxymiron. He lost this offline battle 0-5 and this became the most viewed hip hop battle on YouTube in the world. After this, Johnyboy’s career went down and he lost a big chunk of his fanbase. He then took a 3 year break and worked a 9-5 job while planning his comeback. 

Johnyboy has been hard at work on this comeback for some time and works every day to get to the top of the industry. He is releasing his 7th album titled “WAGMI” on July 12th. This will be a mix of Memphis trap, reggaeton, and country hip-hop offering something for everybody. This is the most experimental and high-quality work he has done before and it is sure to make waves. Johnyboy is now filming his high-budget movies in Los Angeles and Nashville which will be ready for viewing coming soon. Keep an eye out for Johnyboy, as he is making big moves in the industry. Keep up to date with Johnyboy on Instagram and listen to his music on Spotify!

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