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Joe Budden says a legendary rapper charged him $250K just to be featured on a remix to his hit song “Pump It Up”.


Joe Budden did an interview on the “Flip The Script” podcast with Queenzflip and DJ G Money.

During the interview, Joe talked about Jay-Z charging him $250K to do a verse on the remix to his hit “Pump It Up:

”I don’t think it was a big number I think that was his number, that’s my number to rap on this new artist remix, it was just big in my world but it wasn’t a big number.”

Later in the interview, Jow was questioned on whether Jay-Z could have helped Joe more while he was the president of Def Jam Records.

“Today I understand his disposition,” Joe said.

“What other black rapper became the President of a label anywhere and was still an artist, he had to manage his own shit,” he added.

Budden concluded by saying at the time, he was being “self-centered”.

“That was self-centered or more ignorance just not knowing, only looking at it from my perspective and my eyes, yeah that’s wrong.”

Last year on Twitter, Moneybagg shared an old conversation from one of his team members that revealed a feature was just $750. 

Though, a guest verse from the “Time Today” star will run you $100,000 and not a penny less.

“I Swear I Use To Get $750 For A Feature. Now Look, Dets A whole Nother Conversation”

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