JayDaYoungan Fatal Shooting Raises Concerns In His Hometown

JayDaYoungan was killed in one of three shootings in his hometown of Bogalusa, Louisiana on Wednesday (July 27).

According to police, the 24-year-old rapper’s death highlighted ongoing issues with violence in the city. Bogalusa Police Chief Kendall Bullen was at the scene of the JayDaYoungan shooting when a second incident occurred.

“It’s sad,” Bullen told WWL. “This is Bogalusa. It’s a small community.”

An SUV was shot up minutes away from where JayDaYoungan died. Bullets also struck the home of a man named Ray McGowan.

McGowan was watching television when gunfire erupted, leaving at least five bullet holes in his house. If he was sleeping at the time, the situation may have been worse.

“This is where my bed is at,” McGowan said, noting where the bullets struck his home. “It hit my pillow.”

Another home was shot up later that night. No one was injured as Bogalusa avoided more tragedy in wake of JayDaYoungan’s death.

Bogalusa’s police chief suggested all three shootings are connected.

“It appears sometimes a lot of our shootings and things in the young community are on opposite sides of the rappers they follow and support,” Bullen said.

Police haven’t identified suspects in the fatal shooting that claimed JayDaYoungan’s life. Authorities issued warrants for suspects involved in the second and third shootings.

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