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JayDaYoungan was murdered Thursday night, police sources have confirmed.

Bogalusa Police confirmed that the rapper died from gunfire earlier in the evening. His father Kenyatta Scott Sr. was also shot, but survived. Scott is in stable condition at the time of this writing.

“This is an update to the press release of a shooting earlier tonight. We can now identify the victims as Javorius Scott, A.K.A.JayDaYoungan and close family member Kenyatta Scott Sr. We can also confirm that Javorius Scott has died as a result of his injuries. Kenyatta Scott Sr. has been transported to another facility and we have been told he is in stable condition. Detectives are currently conducting interviews and working leads. Further information will follow as it becomes available.”

The death of the Louisiana rapper caused a waved of condolences, grief and concern on social media platforms. Earlier Thursday, Kenya Janell, the rapper’s sister contradicted the death. She said, “AINT NOBODY F**KING DEAD STOP DICK EATING AND GO READ BOOK. I hate you internet freak ni##as and hoes, stop tryna confirm sh#t y’all don’t f##king know bullsh#t a####.”

The police gave additional details on the tragic crime scene.

“While working a chaotic scene at the hospital, and working the crime scene on Superior Avenue, another shooting took place in the 800 block of Marshall Richardson Road shortly after 7:00 pm. In that case a vehicle was shot, possibly related to the first shooting. The occupants were not hit. Detectives are also actively working that crime scene.

The also asked for help from anybody that may have seen anything.

“This is a very fluid situation and the information we can release is limited at this time,” the statement concluded. “Our Officers are working diligently to identify the subjects responsible for these crimes. We have several outside agencies assisting at this time.” 

JayDaYoungan became prominent from his popular songs “23 Island”, “Elimination” and “Opps”, all of which garnered him millions and millions of streams. His debut album, 2019’s Misunderstood reached 43 on the Billboard 200. He also released well-received mixtapes like Ruffwayy and The Real Jumpman 23.

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