Is Blueface Really A Nicki Minaj Fan? Rico Nasty Clears Up Rumored Image

Rico Nasty’s most recent TikTok addresses the whole Blueface “Barb” mix-up. Apparently, the person in the surfaced image is not the “Thotiana” rapper.


Rico Nasty jumped on Tik Tok to address the whole Blueface mix-up. 

An image of a young man wearing a Nicki Minaj plastered tank top outside one of her concerts went viral after fans speculated that he appeared to be rapper Blueface. 

Rico, who laughed hysterically in the clip, uses a screenshot of the photo to let fans know how crazy the claim is since the young man in the picture is her cousin Marc. 

The rapper, who appears in her hair bonnet and a long set of acrylics, introduces fans to her cousin Marc’s Instagram to prove her point. 

As she continued laughing, the “Rage” rapper said: 

“I don’t want to see y’all using that picture of my cousin no more…This is literally a joke that we’ve had going in the family for years” 

While Rico has no issue with setting the record straight, she also had no issue with joining in on the fun.

Rico Nasty recently expressed herself and said she’s sick of being “the ugly friend.” 

The rapper blew off steam, comparing her features to one of her best friends who she feels is ‘prettier’ than her. 

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