Ibrahim 214 Is Garnering The Attention Of Many

Getting your foot in the door so to speak as an artist is harder than ever in today’s meta world. The creator must stand out or have a true following to succeed. One artist who has built quite the following over the years is Texas native Ibrahim 214. The artist and producer have been quietly making strides in his music career out of the public eye, but that has just changed recently.

On August 19th, Ibrahim 214 released his debut EP on all streaming platforms. The project called “Ready 4 all” contained 5 brand new tracks, “It’s Over,” “Kings,” My Way,” “Out,” and “Trumpets go low.” All of which offer a different listen from the last. “Its Over” features an EDM-like sound while “My Way” is a softer, piano-based sound.

“Ready 4 all” has garnered the attention of a lot of listeners and fans alike because of its versatility and one is sure to find something that they like. As we wait for what’s to come next from Ibrahim 214 be sure to stream his EP on Spotify below.


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