“I Ain’t No Damn Water Faucet”

Kodak Black vented about ungratefulness in a since-deleted post on Instagram.

The controversial rapper complained about people around him expecting too many favors. Kodak Black said he’s busy dealing with his own issues, such as pending drug charges.

“People don’t give af bout what you did for them or all the good you do for others!” he wrote. “Soon you say no to them for one thing you selfish and some more s### !!! I been out of favors in general ! Ima Forever Be A Good N#### But Im going thru my own s### right na to be saving everybody ! & right na Everybody Blowing me up for help it seems like everybody got sumn going on these days ! I’m talm bout everybody want sumn from me !!!!”

Kodak Black realized his financial situation made it possible for him to change lives. But the Atlantic Records artist criticized anyone feeling entitled to his help.

“Everybody love me kuz I’m blessed wit some s### that can save they situations!” he wrote. “But not today I ain’t no dam water faucet dripping favors !!! My phones closed till im done tending to my own s### ! I hate mf’s dat be feeling entitled to some s### !!! Anything a bih ever felt like they did for me I showed my appreciation and or paid for it ! Ion leave no space out here for Nobody to say they did s### for me.”

Kodak Black is out on bond after being arrested in Florida in July. He was charged with trafficking in oxycodone and possession of a controlled substance.

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