HunnitBands Gears Up To Release Hot New Album “Exotic Strangers”

HunnitBands is known to many as a rapper, and to some as a record label executive; but there’s far more to him than just music. HunnitBands is a “jeweler and trap rapper” all-in-one. He has been dedicating some of his recent focus to his music, but it’s essential to touch upon who he is without the music.

There’s a lot more to know about the man that is Mo Mahir, or HunnitBands as the music world knows him. Half of his identity in the world of music belongs to his own creations and flows, but his impact travels beyond his voice into a microphone. Hunnits is the CEO of Bagdad the Label, his music label that he intends to sign more talent to in the future. Additionally, HunnitBands is the owner of Water Brothers, a luxury diamond and gold custom jeweler.

Hunnits also cites himself as a cannabis connoisseur, rounding out the holy trinity of hip-hop; tracks, diamonds, and inhalable vitamins. Mahir has made a life for himself by pursuing his passions and using one hand to wash the other, tying his jewelry network with his musical network.

Next up for this strong business-minded artist is his project titled “Exotic Strangers”. HunnitBands future looks bright, be on the lookout for more vibes from this executive rapper and follow him on Instagram, Spotify, or Bagdad the Label on YouTube!

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