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It often happens to the best of us- we form a routine, get comfortable with it and forget to strategize on ways to overcome our challenges. In most cases, the challenges hit as we least expect. While it is often recommended to stick to the daily routine, it may lead to being creatively drained and unmotivated over time. 

Such was the case for a Moroccan come “citizen of the world” music artist, Marocania. Some of the challenges he faced included; Understanding what would be trending in a year, finding a perfect fit for songs, time, creating rapport with other artists, and finding the perfect work-life balance. 

It may sound basic, but understanding musical trends is imperative, knowledge of what is trending and the genres that are most susceptible to the listeners. The rapid technological change has led to drastic growth and change in how music is produced. As a result, a combination of traditional and modern concepts needs to be incorporated into the current production.  

The hit of Covid 19 forced most people to remain indoors for long hours. However, it was a blessing in disguise since media consumption got a rocket burst. A boost led to exposure and expansion of the different information individuals were looking for in the media. As such, music production got a boost and broader airtime with people.

Looking at an artist’s work to check if it is gaining in popularity every day is both tiresome and time-consuming. The competitive nature of the industry poses difficulty in finding a perfect match in a specific genre. On the other hand, artists are facing the challenge of finding inspiration and keeping the fire burning, especially after hitting the headlines. Maintaining an artist at the top of the list for most producers is also tricky as every taste and preference keeps changing. 

Time is precious and a scarce resource that needs to be utilized well. From time to time, music producers find it challenging to keep up with the trends and the rapid developments of nature. Getting a hit requires prompt release of an album. 

Morocania has articulated that most of his challenge has been creating rapport with different artists. Most often, famous artists and the celebrity bracket tend to “feel special,” thus making it difficult for upcoming artists to rectify some of the mistakes that may occur. The pride behavior often makes it difficult to connect with the artist and derails the album’s production. 

Too much work without play makes Jack a dull boy, so they say. The saying cuts across all sectors, including the music industry. Nonetheless, most producers work tirelessly and spend a great time in the studio trying to get things done. However, the efforts in most cases don’t quantify the quality of work produced. Comparing work done in intervals and taking frequent breaks improves results. 

In conclusion, the solution to such challenges is solely on the individual to give their best shot. Also, the key is not in perfection all the time but in enjoying the journey and getting inner satisfaction in everything you do.

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