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Kenny Brooks, fondly known as a Funny salesman across his socials, is a Comedy Rapper who came from nothing to something. He grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and learned to hustle at a young age. He started working at 11 years old – selling Detroit newspapers Door to Door because he admired a good life, and his mum could barely afford it.

Kenny Brooks started music after escaping a kidnapping ordeal with an Indian reservation in Helmet, California, where he had traveled for work. A coworker had made outstanding sales in Soboba, prompting Kenny to go to the neighborhood the next day. Kenny, of a black origin, was unaware of what was in store for him that day. He was yelled at and chased away in all the homesteads he approached. Poor Kenny did not give up despite being rejected. He bravely knocked on every door he came across despite being yelled at. 

The angry Indians could not imagine how a black person was that brave and arrogant to assume their order; hence they planned to torture and kidnap him. The lady who opened the door bought a piece of products and warned him against the racist community. Kenny was so scared and contacted his manager to pick him up immediately before the situation could escalate. Even before the manager could show up, the worst happened. The Indian guys approached him as he left the lady’s porch and harassed him seriously. They even threatened him with Mohegan’s sword and a gun. 

Miraculously, as they forced him inside their truck, unmarked police officers riding in the same street came for his rescue, and the kidnappers fled. Luckily, they were arrested within hours of search and arraigned in court the following week. Kenny was threatened by a certain Indian while heading to the court, leaving him terrified, and he denied having ever set his eyes on the sued guys, claiming the kidnappers were all black. He quit his sales job, flew back to Detroit, and wrote a comedic song about the entire ordeal to express his anger and fear. Many people laugh at the story and find him funnier than Lil Dicky. 

Today, Kenny is so proud of his achievements. He featured on season 16 of the famous show – Nick Cannon Wild N Out and has an award named “Be Like Kenny,” an award given to UFC fighters dedicated to his first-ever viral video that’s been seen over 300 million times. Kenny has also featured in music videos and been a songwriter for rappers who needed funny punch lines for their songs. Musicians and celebrity friends praise him for his hard work and determination. 

Kenny Brooks encourages you to follow your dreams and never give up because you never know your destination. “Imagine if I had given up and quit my job just after the Indian kidnapping, I might not have gotten an avenue to record my first song, which inspired me to become a rapper, I would’ve never met Jamie Foxx, gone viral, nor been a musician,” Kenny Brooks explains. 

Kenny Brook envisions himself in big music videos on Vevo MTV or VH1 and wants to be the biggest rapper in the world and make appearances on big screens in a few years. He also wishes to make his acting debut. Follow Kenny’s story on Instagram at @funnysalesman

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